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abnerg-cartoonAbner Gelin Bio

Born and raised in Haiti, Abner Gelin is a musical force to be reckoned with, attributing his success to the church and God. As a gospel singer whose musical style ranges from contemporary pop/rock, Gelin has traveled all over the Caribbean and United States performing for large crowds in churches and worship centers. To date, he’s released three albums and looks forward to making many more.

Gelin got his first real start in music at the ripe old age of 12. It was during this time, he began writing his own songs and serving as a choir director for his local youth choir. He went on to form his own band, performing all over Haiti. In no time, Gelin created a name for himself and a large fan base.

After graduating high school, Gelin moved to the United States to study medicine. He quickly learned, however, that a career in the health industry just wasn’t for him. He decided to pursue his passion—music. He eventually earned an associate’s degree in music and media production.

A few years after marrying the love his life in 1994, Gelin transformed a portion of his home into a recording studio. Four years later, he released his very first studio album titled “Key to My Heart,” a collection of love songs dedicated to his wife and mother.
Four years after the release of his first album, tragedy struck and Gelin placed his music career on hold following the death of his mother. It wasn’t until 2004, the gospel singer decided to delve back into his passion, releasing his second studio album titled “Lavi Pa Fini (Life Goes On).” The title song from the album went on to become one of the most requested songs on Haitian TV and radio as well as in other Creole/French speaking countries. Some of his songs like, “Wind of Desire” and “Profonds Regrets” can be heard in popular Haitian movies and television shows.

When this devoted father and husband isn’t making music, he’s also busy helping his community. He is the founder of the Let There Be Light Project. The project provides solar lights to students and poor families in Haiti. Gelin also launched the United Worship Team, a group dedicated to helping churches and worship leaders build a better worship environment.

As a passionate vocalist and keyboardist, Gelin says the Book of Psalms is the inspiration for many of his songs. He hopes his voice continues to serve as a vessel for God while inspiring others and encouraging hope.